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Companies with $1 billion and above in market capitalisation

Mr Ho Kiam Kong Stephen
Chief Financial Officer

Wilmar International Ltd

Companies with $300 million to less than $1 billion in market capitalisation

Ms Lee Peck Kim Mary
Group Chief Financial Officer


Companies with less than $300 million in market capitalisation

Mr Leung Fung Yat David
Chief Financial Officer

iFAST Corporation Ltd


Objectives of the Award

It is to recognise CFOs who:

  • Play a significant role in supporting, advocating and promoting good corporate governance, disclosure and transparency;
  • Are exemplary role models in corporate financial disclosure by going beyond the regulatory financial reporting requirements;
  • Help create long-term sustainable shareholder value;
  • Help the business navigate change and advise on strategic direction; and
  • Are effective leaders for the finance and accounting function.

Categories of the Award

The Award will be presented for the following categories of companies:

  • Listed Companies with market capitalisation of S$1 billion and above;
  • Listed Companies with market capitalisation of S$300 million to less than S$1 billion;
  • Listed Companies with market capitalisation of less than S$300 million.

Selection and Judging Process

The selection for this Award goes through a three-stage process.

In Stage 1, an initial list of candidates will be identified through the following sources:

  • Nominations;
  • Media reports and industry knowledge;
  • Rankings of the CFOs' companies in the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index;
  • Performance of the CFOs' companies.

In stage 2, additional research and inputs on shortlisted CFOs are conducted through research and discreet inquiries. A final shortlist is then drawn up using the criteria (described below) for the judges to assess in stage 3.

In stage 3, a panel of judges will use information obtained from earlier stages, review and evaluate the final shortlist of candidates. The Judging Panel will decide the winners for each category.


The corporate context in which the Chief Financial Officer functions will be considered in assessing potential nominees, including transparency of financial reporting; high standards of corporate behaviour, sound accounting practices; commitment to good corporate governance consistent with current standards and evolving guidelines; providing advice on strategic direction; and being an effective leader of the finance and accounting function. In addition, the Best Chief Financial Officer nominees will be evaluated on these three areas:

  • Personal and Professional Qualities;
  • Knowledge and Experience;
  • Track Record and Accomplishments.

Personal and Professional Qualities

  • Integrity: The CFO's integrity must be of the highest standard. He/She must exhibit the highest ethical behaviour and inculcate the same corporate culture top-down, across all levels within the organisation;
  • Transparency: The CFO is someone who champions the need for greater accountability and transparency in corporate governance;
  • Soft People Skills: The CFO must have the skills and abilities to address and manage the concerns of the various corporate constituents – the CEO, directors, unit managers, analysts, bankers, investors and the media – in an impartial manner;
  • Confidence: The CFO must have the confidence to provide meaningful information about the company's accounts and finances at board meetings and with shareholders, investors and the media;
  • Vision and Leadership: The CFO must possess sound business acumen, astute foresight and the ability to lead, inspire and guide his/her organisation to greater heights of growth, financial achievement and recognition;
  • Innovation: The CFO is characterised as an innovator who has the ability to transform and shape the successful financial performance of his/her organisation while exercising sound business judgement and demonstrating excellence in his/her field.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Knowledge Base: The CFO must have a sound understanding of all matters relating to the corporate regulatory compliance and reporting requirements of the company;
  • Experience: While age is not the sole decisive factor, the CFO should ideally have spent at least three years in the finance function and three full years in his current company. Preferably the CFO should not be a newcomer to the industry in which he/she is currently working in;
  • Professional Training: Possessing the necessary professional qualifications in accountancy or finance will be a plus. Some accountancy and finance designations include the Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”), Chartered Accountant (“CA”) designations and Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”). Other finance-related tertiary qualifications will also be considered;
  • Continuous Learning: The CFO should possess a desire for continuous learning and professional development.

Track Record and Accomplishments

  • Personal Achievements: The CFO's track record and accomplishments will be a key factor. The judges will consider the corporate deals, including M&As, rights issues etc, handled by the CFO during the year under review. The degree of difficulty of each corporate deal will also be taken into account. The ability of the CFO to create long-term shareholder value for the company is an important consideration;
  • Corporate Reporting and Performance: The financial performance of an organisation is indicative of success or failure. Full and fair disclosure, sound financial management, integrity and a commitment to ethical business conduct are key indicators of a good CFO;
  • Social Responsibility: In addition to a commitment to integrity and a passion for the future of business, a highly distinguished CFO uses his/her influence, skill and creativity to make significant contributions to the finance and accounting profession, industry and to the community;
  • Global Competitiveness: Companies compete in a global marketplace. A successful CFO demonstrates global initiatives and regional drives that foster potential new markets abroad, enhance operations, aid in the establishment of foreign ventures or the expansion of foreign corporate affairs on an international scale. The CFO is a key pre-requisite for the success of the company competing in the global marketplace.


Ms Zoey Xie

Senior Manager, Industry Support
Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)

60 Cecil Street, ISCA House
Singapore 049709

Telephone: 65-6749 8060
Facsimile: 65-6749 8061
Email: zoey.xie@isca.org.sg

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